Guy Cotten Ultralite Boots - Brown

Guy Cotten


Guy Cotten's very comfortable and lightweight work boots offer excellent insulation for temperatures down to -20 deg. C, while maintaining flexibility, keeping the feet dry and comfortable even in extreme conditions.  These boots are Category 2 PPE.


  • Hydrolysis resistance (hydrolysis - chemical breakdown due to reaction with water)
  • Excellent thermal insulation while remaining supple at -20°C
  • Excellent grip on the most slippery surfaces Antistatic non-slip sole
  • Sole resistant to acids and organic solvents, oils and grease
  • Fabric Polyurethane
  • Insoles are removable
  • Heel energy absorption
  • Easy removal with heel spur


  • EN ISO 20347: 2012 – Occupational footwear that is not exposed to any mechanical risks (impact or compression)
  • EU regulation 2016/425

Care and Storage


Clean the boots after every use with water and soap, using a soft brush - Rinse immediately - Allow to dry well


Store the boots in a well-ventilated place