Guy Cotten GC Thermo Boots


The Guy Cotten GC Thermo Boots are the perfect work boots for colder conditions up to -70 degrees such as ice plants, fish factories etc.

The Guy Cotten Boots come with an extra thick sole to prevent heat loss and increase grip. The boot itself is made from a flexible, robust and lightweight Polyurethane which makes it incredibly comfortable for a work boot.

Meets EN20345 standards and comes with safety cap in the front of each boot. 

  • Much lighter than PVC and Rubber.
  • Lasts 3 to 4 times longer than normal PVC or rubber boots.
  • Thermo-insulating (cool in summer and warm in winter).
  • Better resistance to acids, oils, fats, and chemical products.
  • Superior slip resistance
  • Safety toe caps included