Guy Cotten Dremtop Breathable Smock

Guy Cotten

€142.60 - €143.65

A new generation, innovative smock that is heavy duty, breathable and extremely strong while remaining supple.  This is a leap forward in comfort at work - high-performing, comfortable and long-lasting  This is the smock version of the  Drempro jacket. Can be paired with the Guy Cotten Drembib Bib and Brace.

This smock combines various fabrics which enhance the wearability and comfort of the garment under heavy duty work conditions.  The upper part and the back of the garment is made of Dremtech+ breathable fabric, which has proved its worth in the maritime industry. The areas subject to the most use are made of Nylpeche fabric, a reference in terms of durability. The sleeves and  lower back part is made in Cap Coz Fabric that brings comfort,  softness and strength.


  • "Magic” hood that turns with your head
  • Self-grip adjustment tab on neck area 
  • Waterproof gusset on neck
  • Sleeves are made with Cap Coz fabric for easy movement 
  • Integrated neoprene cuffs for better comfort and waterproofing


  • Dremtech+: The upper part of the jacket is Dremtech+. This is a high-tech, breathable, comfortable and tough fabric with “3+2 layers” fabric for great durability and comfort

  • Nylpeche: The front of the jacket is Nylpeche which is completely waterproof and very hard-wearing. Strong and flexible PVC coating on two sides, easy to clean. Ideal for intensive and even “aggressive” uses. 485g/m²

  • Cap-Coz: Back and sleeves in Cap-Coz for more flexibility

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