Guy Cotten Drembib Breathable Bib & Braces

Guy Cotten


Guy Cotten has revolutionized the work wear sector with the Drembib Bib &b Braces, keeping you comfortable and dry while at work in any weather! Pairs well with the Drempro Jacket.


  • Nylpeche tough wearing fabric on the front
  • Breathable Dremtech + fabric on the back
  • Dremtech Fabric consists of 5 layers in total - proven by trans-oceanic skippers
  • Hard wearing and light


The HybridPro+ technique

All the areas of work clothing subjected to the most wear are made of PVC, a fabric tried and tested for its long life in the harshest of conditions:  Nylpeche fabric, Cap-Coz fabric, etc.
The less exposed areas of the clothing, such as the rear and upper section, are made of highly breathable fabric used in professional sailing circles: Dremtech+ fabric (3+2 layers).

Condensation (linked to the outside temperature) and perspiration (linked to the intensity of what you are doing) no longer affect your comfort.  Whatever the latitude or season, there is no need for any extra layers of clothing, HybridPro+ is suited to working conditions.

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