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Guy Cotten Thermo BN30 Gloves

Guy Cotten


These Guy Cotten BN30 Thermal Blue Gloves are designed for colder conditions. Match these with the Guy Cotten Neoprene sleeves for the ultimate protection for your arms. 


  • PVC outer
  • Tough triple dipped PVC
  • Additional granular coating on hand portion confers excellent grip in wet/dry and oil/solvent applications
  • Actifresh treatment provides some protection against arganisms and bacteria (not viruses)
  • High resistance to some corrosive chemicals, oils and greases
  • Thermal fleece inner
  • Seamless cotton backing
  • Acrylic/wool knit lining

Size Guide

Measure the circumference of your palm and choose from the Guy Cotten BN30 Glove selection below:

  • M    (size 8): 20cm
  • L     (size 9): 22cm
  • XL   (size 10): 24cm
  • XXL (size 11): 26cm

XXL available as special order; please contact us.


  • PVC outer
  • Cotton backing
  • Fleece lining


  • EN 420: 2003+A1: 2009 – General requirements for protective gloves related to ergonomics, manufacture, resistance to materials, harmlessness, comfort, effectiveness, and marking.
  • EN 388: 2016 – Glove standard related to protection against mechanical risks (abrasion, blade cut resistance, tear resistance & puncture resistance), and if neccessary against impact.
  • EN 374-1: 2016 – Glove standard related protection against chemical products and micro-organisms.
  • EN 374-5: 2016 – Glove standard related to protection against microorganisms
  • EN 511 : 2016 – Glove standard related to gloves providing protection from convection or contact cold down to -50°C