Guy Cotten Neptune Flotation Waistcoat - 50N

Guy Cotten

€98.32 - €109.00
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A buoyancy aid that keeps you safe at all times!


  • Crotch strap keeping the jacket at your waist!
  • Handle on the back for holding the person
  • Reflective strips on the back and shoulders!
  • It does not restrict movement and can be worn permanently.
  • Composition: Closed-cell PVC foam guaranteeing good buoyancy that lasts.

Fabric: Coated polyamide

  • Coated polyamide fabric
  • Generally with a warm lining, this fabric has proved itself for many years
  • Very light and strong
  • 100% polyamide + PU Coated
  • High-performing fabric both for its hard-wearing and its breathable characteristic
  • Suitable for all outdoor activities
  • Total weight: 155 g/m² in the version used by most
  • Mesh lining: 100% polyamide - 80 g/m² (±5%).